Are you about to ask me a question?

Over the years that the site has been running, I have received many thousands of questions particularly in relation to annuals and comic strips. Some have been questions that I haven't been able to answer because the enquirer has such a vague memory of what they're looking for, provide too little (or even incorrect) information, and then expect me to search through hundreds of annuals and books to find it for them, a task that proves impossible! Some have been quite rude when I decline to spend the time on such a vague project! Astonishing!

However, in the vast majority of cases I have spent a lot of time trying to help answer enquiries and have often come up with the answer, going above and beyond the enquirer's expectations by providing scans and even links to where they can purchase the relevant item themselves.

The sheer number of questions I get and the amount of un-remunerated time I have spent on them means that I cannot offer this service for free.

Please note that as long as you have provided enough information and are prepared to pay for the answer, then I will research it for you. All questions will now be acknowledged with a link to this page and an indication of whether the answer is available. The charge for this service is a donation to my site's ongoing costs using the PayPal link below.

PLEASE NOTE : If I have given an indication of how many hours it will take me to search for your answer, then the donation needs to reflect that time. Suggested minimum donation is £5.00 per hour.

Thank you for taking the time to read this - you can now contact me using the following link...

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