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Like a lot of Disney fans, I collected the Disney films on VHS video for many years, and then of course the DVD revolution began. I restarted my collection, replacing as many of the videos as I could with DVDs until I had all of them and then continued on DVD only. VHS videos were consigned to the dustbin of history, but I retained cover scans of all the videos I had in my collection before I offered them up for sale on eBay. The video collection was sold one by one except for 'Song of the South' which I held back as it was the only film never released on DVD because of 'political correctness', and therefore one I couldn't replace.

I have created this gallery as a nostalgic view of the Disney video era (and I may create a gallery of my DVD collection in due course) - one thing is for sure, with the advent of Blu-Ray, I am most definitely NOT re-starting my collection again - I am happy with DVDs and thank goodness new films are still issued in this format.

Part I : Movies, Mini Classics and Video Sequels

Part II : Other Disney Videos