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Lethbridge-Stewart is a new series of novels from Candy Jar Books about Colonel Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (the Brigadier from the third Doctor's era) set just after the events of the second Doctor story 'The Web of Fear'.

Candy Jar Books

Series 1 Paperbacks

The Forgotten Son

The Schizoid Earth

Beast of Fang Rock

Mutually Assured Domination

Series 1 eBooks

In addition to the printed books published, a series of eBooks were released during 2015, the first six of which were collected into a printed book 'The Havoc Files' (published in 2016) including the story 'Ambush' from 'Top Secret Files' and a seventh previously unpublished story 'The Enfolded Time'.

Top Secret Files


One Cold Step

The Cult of the Grinning Man

The Dogs of War

The Fright Before Christmas

Series 2 Paperbacks

The Havoc Files

Moon Blink

The Showstoppers

The Grandfather Infestation

Series 2 eBooks

The first five of the Series 2 eBooks were collected into a printed book 'The Havoc Files 2' (published in 2016) including two extra stories and unpublished material.

In His Kiss

The Black Eggs of Khufu

The Lock-In

The Band of Evil

The Playing Dead

The Last Duty

Series 3 Paperbacks

The Havoc Files 2

Times Squared

Blood of Atlantis

Mind of Stone

Series 3 eBooks

eBooks continued for Series 3.

Eve of the Formorians

The Wishing Bazaar

The Xmas Files

Series 4 Paperbacks

The Havoc Files 3

Night of the Intelligence

The Daughters of Earth

The Dreamer's Lament

Series 4 eBooks

eBooks continued for Series 4.

United in Blood

The Runaway Bomb

The Two Brigadiers

The Cruel Oil

'48 Crash

Novella Series Hardbacks

The Life of Evans

The Flaming Soldier