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Lethbridge-Stewart is a new series of novels from Candy Jar Books about Colonel Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (the Brigadier from the third Doctor's era) set just after the events of the second Doctor story 'The Web of Fear'.

Candy Jar Books

Series 1 Paperbacks

The Forgotten Son

The Schizoid Earth

Beast of Fang Rock

Mutually Assured Domination

Series 1 eBooks

In addition to the printed books published, a series of eBooks were released during 2015, the first six of which were collected into a printed book 'The Havoc Files' (published in 2016) including the story 'Ambush' from 'Top Secret Files' and a seventh previously unpublished story 'The Enfolded Time'.

Top Secret Files


One Cold Step

The Cult of the Grinning Man

The Dogs of War

The Fright Before Christmas

Series 2 Paperbacks

The Havoc Files

Moon Blink

The Showstoppers

The Grandfather Infestation

Series 2 eBooks

The first five of the Series 2 eBooks were collected into a printed book 'The Havoc Files 2' (published in 2016) including two extra stories and unpublished material.

In His Kiss

The Black Eggs of Khufu

The Lock-In

The Band of Evil

The Playing Dead

The Last Duty

Series 3 Paperbacks

The Havoc Files 2

Times Squared

Blood of Atlantis

Mind of Stone

Series 3 eBooks

eBooks continued for Series 3.

Eve of the Formorians

The Wishing Bazaar

The Xmas Files

Series 4 Paperbacks

The Havoc Files 3

Night of the Intelligence

The Daughters of Earth

The Dreamer's Lament

Series 4 eBooks

eBooks continued for Series 4.

United in Blood

The Runaway Bomb

The Two Brigadiers

The Cruel Oil

'48 Crash

Novella Series Hardbacks


The Life of Evans

The Flaming Soldier

Travers & Wells

Quiz Book


Quiz Book

The Lucy Wilson Mysteries
A spinoff series featuring the Grand-daughter of Lethbridge-Stewart.


Avatars of the Intelligence

Series 5 Paperbacks

The Havoc Files 4

A Very Private Haunting

Series 5 eBooks

The Case of the Missing Fairy

The Note

What's Past is Prologue