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The Lone Ranger was a western TV series that ran for nine years (221 episodes) between 1949 and 1957 and a further TV series of 26 episodes in 1966. An animated series called "The New Adventures of the Lone Ranger" ran for 28 episodes over two seasons from 1980 to 1982. Six movies were released... 'The Lone Ranger' (1956), 'The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold' (1958), 'The Return of the Lone Ranger' (1961), 'The Legend of the Lone Ranger' (1981), 'The Lone Ranger' (2003) and 'The Lone Ranger' Disney film (2013). A number of books were published over the years - this gallery is currently limited to what I have in my collection.

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Everest Books


The Lone Ranger

Moonstone Books



Disney Press Books


The Lone Ranger (Disney Movie Novelisation)

Whitman Big Little Books


Outwits Crazy Cougar

The Lone Ranger Annuals Gallery