Salmon Variants

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The Salmon postcards, like a lot of other publisher's postcards, came with colour variations over the years due to having several print-runs. In addition to this fact, quite a few of the Salmon cards had physical differences, too many to cover in their entirety, so this gallery only reflects what I can highlight from cards in my own collection.

In the smaller size original series, the North Norfolk map postcard had two versions, one with more place-names than the earlier one...
The card on the right has Heacham, Overy Staithe, Salthouse and Overstrand indicated.
The first version of Cornwall (where Cornwall was aligned sideways) had an uncoloured title banner and a coloured title banner version...
The card on the right has colour in the title banner.

The most prevalent variations occur amongst the third series continental size (un-bordered) postcards where a physical feature would be missing from the final print runs, known amongst collectors as the 'boat/no boat variants' (though it's not always missing boats)...
Isle of Wight - Boats / no Boats
Isles of Scilly - Plane / no Plane
North Norfolk - Boat / no Boat
Somerset & Avon - Boat / no Boat
The Broads - Boat and Fish / no Boat and no Fish
Isle of Purbeck - Boat / no Boat
North East Kent - Boat / no Boat
Kent - Boats / no Boats
Anglesey - Boat / no Boat