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The Wizard of Id books in the UK were reproduced from the American editions by Coronet Books.

These books were issued as a numbered series, but unfortunately, like with BC books, Coronet Books were not very clever when assigning the number to the next book released... with this series they totally lost the plot ! The 11th book was numbered 12 (so there was no No 11) and they did not notice their mistake for three issues ! Consequently, No 12 was numbered 13, No 13 was numbered 14 and they finally noticed and numbered No 14 as 14 (making two No 14s) ! This was really frustrating to us collectors ! To make matters worse, they did it again...! No 21 was numbered 20 (so there were two No 20s) and No 22 (the final one) was numbered 21. Sadly, Coronet Books disappeared towards the end of the Eighties, and No 22 was the last to be issued. It was not the last published in the US however.

A series of two "Wizard of Id in Colour" Books were issued by Ravette in the early 90's. Inside these was the promise of two further titles, "Tricks and Treats"and "The Gold Plated Farce", but Ravette have confirmed these were never actually published.

Below is a Gallery of the UK Wizard of Id Books in number (!!) order.

No 1
No 2
No 3
No 4
No 5
No 6
No 7
No 8
No 9
No 10
No 11
No 12
No 13
No 14
No 15
No 16
No 17
No 18
No 19
No 20
No 21
No 22

Ravette Books - "Wizard of Id in Colour" series

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