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There were eight Muppet annuals published before popularity shifted to Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock series and Muppet Babies cartoon series. Some sites on the web show these annuals as 1977 to 1984 but this is not correct. Annuals in the UK are copyrighted as the year before the year they were published for (see my Identifying Annuals Page) so the correct dating is 1978 to 1985 as shown below. In addition, it wasn't helpful of Grandreams Books to have made an error in the 1984 annual, published in 1983, to state 'welcome to the 1983 annual'. The 1983 annual was published the year before in 1982 for the Christmas market as usual.

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Other "Annuals" Issued

Great Muppet Caper
issued in 1981

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