Started in 1950 and finished in 1965

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Black Bob was the name of a Border Collie character that first appeared in The Dandy in issue 280, dated 25 November 1944. Following this he appeared as a picture strip in The Weekly News in 1946, which continued until 1967. Drawn by Jack Prout, the popular sheepdog appeared regularly in The Dandy from his 1944 debut until issue 2122, dated 24 July 1982.

Eight Black Bob annuals were published at infrequent intervals from 1950 to 1965. None of the annuals had copyright information in them nor the years published on the covers, and which order these were in has been the subject of much debate for many years. This gallery has finally been updated to absolutely show the correct information and is the definitive guide to the years and order of the annuals. The back covers are shown to help identify the ones that had similar colour covers.

In 2010 a 'Very Best of Black Bob' book was published featuring a selection of the best strips from the original annuals and comics.

Many thanks to Lee Hewitt for information and image contribution.

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1950 Back Cover
1951 Back Cover
1953 Back Cover
1955 Back Cover
1957 Back Cover
1959 Back Cover
1961 Back Cover
The Very Best of Black Bob

1950 back cover scene Bob on hilltop with shepherd Andrew Glen approaching him.
1951 back cover scene Bob with a young boy beside him watches over a background sheep flock.
1953 back cover scene Bob watches two robins sitting on his food dish.
1955 back cover scene
Black Bob with three other dogs including a bulldog.
1957 back cover scene Andrew Glen sits on a rock with Black Bob beside him.
1959 back cover scene
Bob pulls a tin bath sled with a girl and pup on board.
1961 back cover scene Black Bob lying on a hillock, front paws crossed.
1965 back cover scene Black Bob surrounded by his trophies. This, the final book, is easy to identify as it is portrait A4 shape and only has 96 pages.