by Tom Wilson

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Titles in blue under ‘Got’ means I want a better copy than the one I have.
Titles in orange under ‘Wanted’ means they’re on their way to me.

If any titles exist which are not listed under GOT or WANTED,
then it is because I did not know about them and I will want those too!!

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Signet Books
Life is Just a Bunch of Ziggys
Pets Are Friends You Like Who Like You Right Back Ziggy
Plants are some of my Favourite People
This Book is for the Birds
Ziggy Faces Life …Again
Ziggys of the World Unite
Ziggy's Ship Comes In

Alligator Books
Never Get Too Personally Involved With Your Own Life

Andrews and McMeel Books

Exley Books
Short People Arise (hardback)
Ziggu's Little Book of Thrills


Signet Books
Ziggy Faces Life
Ziggy and Friends
It's a Ziggy World
Never Get Too Personally Involved With Your Own Life

Any others



Ravette Books
No 1 - Ziggy Comes Smiling Through
No 2 - Ziggy Wins the Day


Ravette Books
No 3 - Weathers the Storm
No 4 - Accepts his Fate

Any others