by Tom Ryan

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Titles in blue under ‘Got’ means I want a better copy than the one I have.
Titles in orange under ‘Wanted’ means they’re on their way to me.

If any titles exist which are not listed under GOT or WANTED,
then it is because I did not know about them and I will want those too!!

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Let ‘Er Rip, Tumbleweeds
Tumbleweeds 3
Tumbleweeds 4
Tumbleweeds 5
Hang in There, Tumbleweeds
Head 'em Off, Tumbleweeds
Ride On, Tumbleweeds
Sackside Tumbleweeds
Saddle Up Tumbleweeds
Sound Off Tumbleweeds
Tumbleweeds - Buckaroo
Tumbleweeds - Corral
Tumbleweeds & Company
Tumbleweeds - Country
Tumbleweeds - Express
Tumbleweeds - Revisited
Tumbleweeds - Rodeo
Tumbleweeds Roundup
Tumbleweeds - Wild West
Presenting the Best of Tumbleweeds
Good News for Grimy Gulch


Any others

Australia/New Zealand


Tumbleweeds No 3
Tumbleweeds No 4
Tumbleweeds is My Name
Tumbleweeds Rides Again
Tumbleweeds Turns Up Trumps
Super Size Tumbleweeds

Budget Books (Landscape)...
Tumbleweeds 1 - Injun Trouble


Tumbleweeds No 2
Tumbleweeds Is Still My Name
Tales of the Weird West
Tumbleweeds Goes To Town