by Mort Walker & Dik Browne

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Titles in blue under ‘Got’ means I want a better copy than the one I have.
Titles in orange under ‘Wanted’ means they’re on their way to me.

If any titles exist which are not listed under GOT or WANTED,
then it is because I did not know about them and I will want those too!!


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Tempo Books
1. Hi and Lois
2. In Darkest Suburbia
3. Beware, Children at Play
4. On the Grill
American Gothic
Family Album
Family Ties (Giant Size)
Father Figure
Mama's Home
Suburban Cowboys

Tor Books
Baby Talk
Couch Potatoes
Croquet for a Day
Dawg Day Afternoon
Dishwasher, Lawnmower or Snow Plow? (Giant Size)
Good Housekeeping
Happy Campers
Hi Honey, I'm Home / Trixie's Free Ride (Giant Size)
Home Sweat Home
Home Sweat Home (Giant Size)
House Calls
How Do You Spell ‘Dad’
Is Dinner Ready / Job Jar Lottery (Giant Size)
Modern Chaos
Mom, Where's my Homework (Giant Size)
Mr Popularity
Play Ball
Saturday Night Fever (Giant Size)
Say Cheese
Trixie a La Mode
Up Two Late
Wheels of Fortune

Charter Books
The Bright Stuff

Avon Books
Here Comes the Sun (Landscape)

Comicana Books
The Best of Hi and Lois (Large format book)


Tor Books

ECW Press
Hi and Lois Sunday Best

uPublish Books
The Best of Hi and Lois

Any others