by Mike Peters

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Titles in blue under ‘Got’ means I want a better copy than the one I have.
Titles in orange under ‘Wanted’ means they’re on their way to me.

If any titles exist which are not listed under GOT or WANTED,
then it is because I did not know about them and I will want those too!!

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Ravette (Standard Size)
Grimmy 1 - Best in Show
Grimmy 2 - So Many Trees, So Little Time
Grimmy 3 - Pick of the Litter
Grimmy 4 - Makes Ends Meet

Ravette (Large Size)
Grimmy - What a Wag


Any others



Standard Size (Tor Books)
Mother Goose and Grimm - It's Grimmy
Grimmy - Best in Show
Grimmy - Bone in the USA
Grimmy - Mailmen Can't Jump
Grimmy - Pick of the Litter
Grimmy - Top Dog
Grimmy - On the Move

Landscape Books
Grimmy in Come Home
Steel-Belted Grimm


Grimmy - Always Stop and Smell the Hydrants
Grimmy - Cats and Pancakes Stick to the Ceiling
Grimmy - Don’t Let Friends Own Cats
Grimmy - Good Dog, Bad Breath
Grimmy - In a Class By Himself
Grimmy - It’s A Dog Sniff Dog World
Grimmy - King of the Heap
Grimmy - My Dad was a Boxer
Grimmy - The Horrors of Global Worming
Grimmy - The Postman Always Screams Twice
Grimmy - The Revenge of Grimzilla
Mother Goose and Grimm
The Portable Mother Goose and Grimm
Oh God, it's Grimm
Four Wheel Grimmy
Grimmy - Night of the Living Vacuum
Grimmy and the Temple of Groom
Grimmy - Revenge of the Fireplugs
Grimmy Goes Postal
Grimmy's Flea Circus
Grimmy - Compost Happens
Grimmy's Cat Tails
Grimmy: One Sick Puppy
The Ultimate Mother Goose and Grimm: 20th Anniversary Collection