by Lynn Johnston

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Titles in blue under ‘Got’ means I want a better copy than the one I have.
Titles in orange under ‘Wanted’ means they’re on their way to me.

If any titles exist which are not listed under GOT or WANTED,
then it is because I did not know about them and I will want those too!!


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Tor Books
Another Day, Another Lecture
But, I Read the Destructions!
Grandpas Are For Jumping On
Happiness is a Warm Puddle
It All Comes Out in the Wash
Shhh--Mom’s Working !!

Andrews and McMeel Books
Is This "One of Those Days," Daddy
It Must Be Nice to Be Little
I’ve Got the One-More-Washload Blues
Just One More Hug
Pushing 40
The Last Straw
There Goes My Baby


Andrews and McMeel Books
If This is a Lecture, How Long Will it Be ?
It’s All Downhill From Here
Keep the Home Fries Burning
Things are Looking Up
What, Me Pregnant ?
Starting from Scratch
Love Just Screws up Everything
Remembering Farley
Growing Like a Weed
Middle Age Spread
Sunshine and Shadow
The Big 5-0
Graduation - A Time for Change
All About April
A Family Business
With This Ring
Reality Check
So You're Going to be a Grandma
Striking a Chord
Never Wink at a Worried Woman
I Love My Grandpa
She's Turning Into One of Them

Any others